そんなaddは 2019年12月25日下北沢Threeにてファーストライブを開催、チケットもSOLD OUT、この日は会場限定で販売した1st demo『telescorping』も完売した。

セカンドライブ 2020年4月20日add presents「pluralism Vol.1」@新代田 FEVERも開催予定だったが、残念ながらSOLD OUT直前に中止となった。

そして、2020年9月2日に待望の1st EP『Not Enough』のリリースが決定し、同時に先行配信3部施策も発表された。第1弾 7月22日『名のない日』、8月5日 第2弾『永遠の子ども』、8月19日 第3弾『NAKED MIND』、それぞれリリース日にはMVの公開も予定。

Formed by Taguchi Hana and Bambi (cute guys, ex. Akashic) centering on Nishimura "Con" (Mushroom Empire) in 2019.

The song was written by Taguchi Hana, and the song was written by Taguchi Hana and Nishimura "Con". The cool voice of Taguchi Hana and the enviable atmosphere are characteristic, and the combination of the simple development that makes you feel Western music and the rock sound with a core creates a unique world view.

Such an add held the first live at Shimokitazawa Three on December 25, 2019, the tickets were sold out, and the 1st demo "telescorping" which was sold only at the venue was sold out.

Second drive April 20, 2020 add presents "pluralism Vol.1" @ Shindaita FEVER was also scheduled to be held, but unfortunately it was canceled just before SOLD OUT.

Then, on September 2, 2020, the long-awaited 1st EP "Not Enough" was decided to be released, and at the same time, the pre-delivery 3rd part policy was also announced. The first release is July 22nd "Nameless Day", the second is August 5th "Eternal Child", the third is August 19th "NAKED MIND".